Aliens Inside

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Postcard "You Save Paul the Octopus!"

Animation by Pamela Poltronieri
Sound design by Federico Tummolo
Musics by the original sountrack of Quite Strange for an Octopus, written and played by Davide Melloni.


Postcard "Happy New Year: Alien vs. Elf"

Animation by Pamela Poltronieri
Sound design by Federico Tummolo
"Schlager Fest" composed by Ian Blumfield (IB Audio)
The anger "grunt" in the female version is Lisa Bencivenni's.


Postcard "Alien's Shout"

Animation by Giulia Landi.
Sound design by Federico Tummolo.
"Higher" composed by Ian Blumfield (IB Audio).
The voice in the female version is Morena Mancinelli's.


Postcard "Christmas: Aliens vs. Elves"

Animation by Marta Palazzo.
Sound design by Federico Tummolo.
"Jingle Bells" composed by James Pierpont and arranged by Ian Blumfield (as "Jingle Bells Ukulele") (IB Audio).