Curriculum of the Project

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2011, August 23rd - In the Pilot Competition 2011 of the IF TV (Idea Format TV).

.2011, July 6th - Shown at the Montone Umbria Film Festival for 2011 July 6th.

On 2011 April 8th, 9th and 10th all the episodes of the first series but the last one are broadcast during Salotto Push Up, music themed program of the Bisceglie Push Up - Sospiri per la musica, on air on UFO Solar TV.

Since 2010 December 16th the series starts its appearing on YouTube too.

Since 2010 October 4th, the series is broadcast certain Mondays at 9:29 p.m. (CET), just before the program Un PIZZIco di Sale, by and with Domenico Pizzi and Marzia Papagna, on UFO Solar TV; the episode remains in rotation then.

2010, August 25th - Shown at Green Sound Festival.

2010, July 11th - Shown at Collepasso inVeste d'Arte.

2010, June 22nd - Shown at Rom'Art Independent Festival, organized by Sinergy Art Studio. The series gets the only Special Mention of the Festival, «for the originality and the quest, through narrative simplicity, to be food for thought».

2010, June 7th - Published on iThentic and competes in the online short film festival ShortsNonStop.