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Couldn't you get the projections of Umbriametraggi of July 6th?
Don't worry!
Here you can find “Aliens inside″ by Giacomo Bartocci and a brief interviews with the author.
Have a good movie!

Congratulations for the series!
Paradoxically, it seems that the situation that you describe in your web series is more real than people often think. Pippo Franco, in occasion of the FantaFestival 2011, told indeed that during the shooting of “Ciao Marziano!” he was going through Rome made-up and dressed like an alien in an absolute indifference of the passers-by.
Did you ever feel “alien inside”?

Absolutely yes, rather I would say that the series exactly describes a condition I sometimes experience on my skin, to my surprise, since, even if I'm not green, I'm not that thin.

How did the project “aliens-inside” start?
I was fascinated by a contest for very short movies, so I decided to participate, but in my way, many shorts that can be seen as independent movies but also as a series. Besides these funny aliens are present in my works froma  while, even if they had more lateral roles: let's say that Aliens Inside was the occasion to give them the role of protagonists.

I admired also the audacity of the project very much.
Few people in Italy understood the big potentialities of the web series and there are also fewer people who have the brave to experiment.
What led you in this direction?

First of all, the fact that short movies, even if they're a kind of cinematographic product that I love very much, are very hard to distribute. A web series, for its nature, has at least theorically an already clear distributive channel.

Are you satisfied with the outcomes you obtained?
At a personal level, I'm very happy with the product: I think we succeeded in realizing funny and surreal episode with very few means.

What have been the principal difficulties you met?
I wouldn't say we've had big difficulties, since the project was thought for being very little, so nothing has been very hard, at least on the artistic side; I think that the biggest efforts have been made on the production level, since it was necessary to manage many location and actors with very precise schedules, since almost all the episodes have been shot on the same day.

Is there anything you want to reveal about your next projects?
First of all, I can use this occasion to announce that we're working on the second season of the series, whose protagonist will be an alien woman and that we hope will be ready by next autumn… Moreover, it's ready but waiting for release an animation short movie about Paul the Octopus, Quite Strange for an Octopus, that'll be hosted in the official documentary on the weird seer The Life & Times of Paul the Psychic Octopus by Alexandre O. Philippe. Finally, for the broadcaster UFO Solar TV, that broadcast the first season of Aliens Inside from the last October, we're planning an “alien” spot. For projects withouth aliens, maybe I need to grow up…

If you liked this short, visite the web series' site and create your alien postcard.

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