Other Projects with the Aliens


The first project where "aliens" appear!

A group of young, naive and passionate filmmakers fighting with a series of unfortunate events.

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10 + ½ + 1 = Making of 11½

For the firs time, the aliens "come back"!

What's the worst nightmare of any director? To be persecuted by his own characters.

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Wait for Me

A videoclip for the contest Moby had on Genero TV for his song Wait For Me.

A sad alien's wandering on the Earth, looking for something that can bring happiness...

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The Dietary Education of the Aliens

The response to Fight Club's public service message.

10 + ½ + 1 = Making of 11½'s aliens will learn how to "use" cheese and bananas.

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Quite Strange for an Octopus

A short movie on the extraordinary life of Paul the Octopus... and THERE WILL BE ALIENS!

A biopic on Paul the Octopus' life, from the sea to an international success... to the stars.

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Other Projects without the Aliens

Il Trittico del Potere

The first work ever realized.

A man will face a Kingdom. A man will challenge an Empire. A man won't stay watching.
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Franco Brocani - A Mechanical Heart in an Anonymous Body

A short documentary about Franco Brocani's cinema.

We hoped to conquer Hollywood and to make cinema as we wanted to...

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Les jours du dernier combat

Backstage of Le dernier combat by Mario Tani.


Documentary on Italian tip tap world, with Cesare Vangeli.

Star Wars Episode V Egg Parody

May the fork be with you