The Series

I have seen the entire series. Very funny! In practice, this poor alien -- nobody notices him. And, in my opinion, the truly absurd thing is that he wears glasses.
(Mario Tani - director and producer)
At the Grocery Store

An alien is choosing a wine bottle at the grocery store...

In the Elevator

The alien on the elevator... but he won't be alone!

Can I Have a Coffee?

Problems of an alien in a bar...

In the Park

Alien inconveniences of jogging.

At the Barber Shop

The alien, the barber and the customer.

At a Red Light

Aliens too stop at red...

At the Book Store

Choosing a book can be hard for an alien...

In the Photo Boot

Photos for documents.

Tram: Part I

The alien tries to get on the tram.

Tram: Part II

Problems on the tram.

At the Cinema

Before the trailers...

The Alien and the Mummy

Finally the alien gets noticed... but not the way he wanted!

Alien Rebellion

The alien is going to rebel!