Series Creator

I was born in 1986, when from a year my father was collecting films on VHS (the support for private copy I'm still more attached to!), that made me fall in love with cinema when I was a very little kid.
I started working on moving pictures in 2002, while I was sharing that with the high school occupation; since 2004 this has become my job on an "exclusive basis".
I participated, in many different roles, to more than sixty short movies, many of which unfortunately unknown; starting from 2006 I worked on feature films and TV series, mostly in the production department, mostly in Italy (and Australia in 2014).
I realized some personal projects... and it happens, from time to time, that no aliens are involved! For all these projects, with and without aliens inside, you can find a dedicated section of this site.
Aliens Inside is (has been) somehow my smallest project, but at the same time it's the ideal glue of all the ones with the aliens.
After the first season, a second one should follow, and it's already fully written with the collegue and friend Morena Mancinelli, but unluckily it never entered production; other seasons are also drafted. Crazy producers, don't be shy and contact me!
(And in the meanwhile everything goes on; it's always possible to be updated via this site, subscribing the YouTube Channel and finding further details at the IMDb page.)